Organizational Structure

16 February 2017

Organizational Structure:

 Komnas Perempuan is led by a group of 15 commissioners with diverse professional and academic backgrounds. They form the ultimate decision-making body of Komnas Perempuan, the Plenary Commission.  The Plenary Commission is supported by the staff led by the Secretary General. The leadership of the commissioners is collective and collegial however for practical purposes the Plenary Commission is led by a Senior Management Team comprising the chairperson and two vice chairpersons.  The Plenary Commission encompasses the various sub-commissions and task forces which are ad hoc and formed as needed. Komnas Perempuan has also formed a Board of Ethics, an independent body to handle violations of the Code of Ethics.

The total number of personnel at Komnas Perempuan (In January 2017) is 103 made up of 15 Commissioners, 1 Secretary General and 88 staff. In addition to permanent staff, Komnas Perempuan is supported by a number of volunteers (both local and international) from various backgrounds including; researchers, student interns, professionals etc. As of 2016 Komnas Perempuan has benefited from a total of 127 volunteers consisting of 120 Indonesian volunteers and 7 international volunteers. The positioning of volunteers within the organization represents the realization of community participation and support for the efforts and programs that are working to eliminate all forms of violence against women.